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I just watched an I Phone or I Pad commercial where someone is using the device to run an Curious George picture book for his/her child.  Curious George is some sort of astronaut you see, and is flying to the moon.  The kid asks for the distance between the earth and the moon and – wouldn’t you know it – the SURI interactive voice on the IPad has the answer immediately.

It made me think that there needs to be a SURI voice for answering children if you, the parent, would like to raise your child as if it were born before – say – 1980:

Kid: “Suri, how far is it to the moon?”

SURI: “Shut up, goddammit! Can’t you see I’m on the phone?”

(Kid begins to cry)

Kid: “But Suri!!  You *are* the phone!!”

SURI: “Stop crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about!”


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