The True Rah-Rah College Experience

I’ve been thinking that with the invention of Coursea, in which people can audit courses online from the most famous and prestigious universities in the world, it would help if there were online accessories that could help you get the rounded, golden-tinged, exclusive and upper crust university experience.  To whit: You could change your Facebook profile photo to one of you wearing a pastel sweater tied around your neck, whilst you are smoking a pipe. 

In addition, there should be a way that virtual students from one Ivy League university could play football against another – like a Madden 13 interface, with Harvard facing Yale, Princeton versus Dartmouth, etc.  Universities outside the United States could play the other virtual footbal(l), with the Hebrew University of Jersulem taking on the College of Edinburgh, and so forth.  Rah Rah Rah, Be True To Your School.



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